A middle-aged lifelong Williamsburg resident was arrested this week after police determined he had made over 400 phony complaint calls to 911 about the hipster hordes running amok in his neighborhood. According to the Post, Louis Segna, 51, has been charged with reckless endangerment, aggravated harassment and making false reports for making 403 prank calls to cops. “He’s crazy, not just a little crazy like people in Williamsburg, but he’s nuts,” a local shopkeeper told them.

It seems Segna pushed things too far this week, making two false calls about gunshots and gang fights. Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson listened to the 911 calls, and recognized Segna's voice from his frequent complaints during community-precinct meetings: “I could just tell it was him. I’ve spoken to him about a dozen times, mostly noise-related,” he said. Police tracked the cell number, and discovered Segna had made 403 calls over the last two years.

Police say he admitted to it when he was arrested Thursday: “[He] admitted to fabricating some stories to get us there faster,” said Hurson. “And he admitted to us, ‘It’s the only way I can get you guys to come.’ ” Segna, who lives on North 7th Street just above the Swedish coffee shop Konditori, previously was arrested for having homemade explosive devices and a rifle at his apartment in the early '90s.

But at least one of his younger neighbors, a 28-year-old who lives on Bedford and North 8th Street, feels sympathy for him: "I mean, he's been there his whole life...and this shit just starts happening all around him," he told us. "I've always felt bad for the older residents of this area."