Has a tony $15,500-a-year golf course/club been hiring strippers and hookers for its "men-only August outings?" Silly question, we know, but we ask because a new lawsuit says the Tam O'Shanter Club in Brookville has been doing just that. Far more shocking? They are also accused of passing off "low-end" liquor as "premium" booze. Unacceptable! (And more common than we want to believe.)

Anyway, back to the prostitutes! According to former bartender Justin Williams's wrongful termination suit, each August the club holds men-only outings attended by 100 to 150 members and their guests. The erotic activities would start with games of golf—in which strippers would parade around the green presumably flaunting their stuff—followed by cocktails with the girls. Then at some point the strippers would leave and the working girls would arrive. "There were about 10 prostitutes," Williams said. "I don’t know where they came from."

During cocktail hour, club general manager Maureen Hollenbach and food manager Carl O’Boyle “would send most of the female staff home. At that point, whoever wanted to solicit would just walk up to the hooker, and things were negotiated during cocktails.”
“They would go downstairs in the locker room, massage area and shower room. That’s where it would go down. Some of them would go outside somewhere out of view.”

And at least once, according to Williams's suit, a member got a blowjob from a sex worker on the green. We've reached out to the club looking for comment, but have yet to hear back.

Oh, you were curious why Williams was wrongfully terminated were you? He says "when he complained of being sexually harassed by a male dishwasher, managers Hollenbach and O’Boyle told him he was 'having a mental breakdown' and fired him."