State Senator Hiram Monserrate surrendered this morning to federal authorities who are investigating a not-for-profit agency that received hundreds of thousands of tax dollars while Monserrate was a member of the City Council. Sources tell NY1 that the investigators believe campaign workers from Monserrate's first failed Senate run used public money to get signatures for petitions, register voters, and perform other campaign jobs.

NBC reports that the investigation is looking into a group called 'Libre' that was funded by the City's Department of Youth and Community Development. Sources say that Monserrate will be charged with using $200,000 dollars issued to the group in 2006 to pay campaign workers, among other things.

The investigation echoes similar charges against State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr., who is also under investigation for using his non-profit employees to work for his campaigns. Monserrate, you may recall, was ousted from the senate earlier this year after being convicted of misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend. He's since mounted a failed run for State Assembly, and dabbled in boxing.