We've all seen the writing on the wall: the unhappy police force, the liberal friction, the Hamptons delays. As a wise rich person once noted, NYC is turning into Moscow on the Hudson. The white residents of NYC are apparently sick and tired of Mayor de Blasio and his progressive agenda. Today The Wall Street Journal is brave enough to tell their story.

"He’s almost a social-communist,” Rochelle Weinberg, a Democrat from the Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills, told the Journal. "He’s out of town all the time. He’s disrespectful and shows up late. I can’t stand him. Everything he does makes me angry."

According to recent polls, the mayor’s latest approval ratings among whites is at 32% (down from 54% who voted for him), compared with a 49% approval rating among Hispanics and 59% among blacks.

Regardless of how accurate this poll is or isn't, de Blasio has certainly experienced tension with some clusters of privileged New Yorkers (re: anyone who thinks their streets aren't being plowed fast enough or was hurt that de Blasio skipped their gala), and with the uptick in gun violence, his critics feel they now have the upper hand. Though it isn't like he hasn't tried to remedy people's concerns, whether by making Broken Windows the cornerstone of his policing plan, encouraging citizens to obey cops' orders when protesting, or bro-ing down with 1%ers.

But reading the quotes littered throughout the piece, one gets the impression that many people have a very personal disdain for de Blasio, one which goes beyond his policies.

  • “He’s so down on me,” said Gene Reilly, a 71-year-old Democrat from Manhattan’s Cooper Square neighborhood who is white. “He’s looking out for the poor.”
  • “He thinks it’s all the fault of the rich,” said Aida Gurwicz, a 69-year-old retiree on the Upper East Side.
  • “I think he has good intentions…yes, I’m glad you’re giving something to the lower class. But what about the middle class? He has to deliver something for us,” said Ellen Warmstein, 62, of Rockaway Beach.
  • “You don’t have to read the tea leaves to read which way things are going,” said Stanley Bleeker, 62, of the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn.“I believe that he is genuflecting to the black community, to Mr. [Al] Sharpton and all the race baiters, to bring them into some kind of inner circle.”

Just remember: whites are still on top until 2050, 2060 at best. So don't waste time complaining and shouting into the void, enjoy it! There are a lot of trails out there that aren't going to hike themselves.