With a series of anti-gay hate crimes being reported in recent weeks, the Daily News reports that City Council Christine Quinn held an "emergency meeting" to discuss the issue—and she found one man who was at least partly responsible: Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. She said, "Some candidates have spoken out - Mr. Paladino - in ways that are extremely offensive, extremely dangerous and it is hard to separate those statements from what is happening on the streets all throughout our city."

Paladino came under fire last week for saying children shouldn't be "brainwashed" into thinking homosexuality was an equally valid or successful lifestyle and slamming gay pride parades. This came days after reports of a beating of a gay man at the Stonewall Inn, attacks on a gay couple in Chelsea, and a brutal series of attacks on gay men in the Bronx.

This week, police arrested a man for attacking a bartender at Julius' Bar, the oldest gay bar in the city. Victim Greg Davis said at the meeting, "It was one punch in my right cheek, it was swollen for several days and I had three cuts inside my mouth... It's upsetting to think that when you got to work, you could be a victim," and said of Paladino's remarks, "I do think it breeds an atmosphere where people are emboldened to come out and express their displeasure with some of us. It's not right."