After revelations yesterday that the state paid out $300,000 for a photographernot to take pictures of the state senate, some are speculating just how much Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was involved in the matter where the governor had been sued for wrongfully terminating the photographer because he was white. While discussing paying out the hefty sum instead of going to trial to answer the accusations against him for showing preferential treatment based on race, Governor Paterson said, "I certainly wanted to fight the case. It was recommended to me by the AG's Office that it would probably be better to settle." When Cuomo's office flatly denied that they recommended the state pay as much as $300,000, a spokesman for the governor said Cuomo thought a settlement should be "considered." Meanwhile Al Sharpton wondered if Cuomo had leaked the story itself to the Post saying, "Whomever leaked the settlement was playing dirty politics at best or broke ethical obligations to their boss or client at worst. If this turns out to be a political hit on the Governor it will not be without consequences."