News that remains found in a Pennsylvania field were positively identified as those of Laura Garza, a 25-year-old aspiring dancer from Brooklyn who vanished in December 2008, brought a new measure of grief to her family. A cousin, Isela Villalobos, told the Journal News, "We've been in mourning since Friday, when the police told us. Laura's mother was expecting for her daughter to come in the door until that dream was shattered Friday afternoon... All we do is think of Laura. We have moments when we cry. We have moments when we laugh."

Garza was last seen leaving the nightclub Marquee with Michael Mele, 24, a registered sex offender for exposing himself while masturbating. Mele has never cooperated with the police, who eventually arrested him for violating his probation—he didn't notify the authorities he moved from his parents' house in Newburgh to an apartment in Wallkill. He is currently serving one to three years in prison for the violation. The Daily News reports that he was denied parole in March, with parole board noting his "history of sexually deviant behavior."

Authorities had searched Orange, Sullivan and Rockland Counties for Garza's body in the wake of her disappearance, but called off the search after a few months. It was on April 11 of this year that ATV riders found a skeleton in Mount Cobb, PA. Now, with a body, it's hoped the police can move further with their investgiation. Villalobos said, "It went from a good case to a great case," while NY State Police Lt. Pierce Gallagher said, "This certainly moves our case forward. It's certainly easier to prove a homicide when you have a body."

Former NYC ME and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden will be examining the body to determine how Garza died.