Gothamist was intrigued when we read that high school students who had been disciplined for fighting and other problems would be tutoring third graders who failed this past year, because at first blush, it sounds like bad idea jeans. Luckily, we continued reading the Post article, which had Department of Education youth services director explain "the program is geared toward students who've admitted their mistakes and performed well academically while on suspension, and want to turn a new leaf by helping others in need. They can only participate upon recommendation of their teachers." But the Post's headline of "'Bad' Kids Teach" was, as usual, alarmist and sickly amusing. Gothamist hopes this program works, because it would be great if both parties benefit from this. Now we're only worried about the Hollywood producer who decides to turn this idea into a TV show. It's like Dangerous Minds/The Breakfast Club meets Billy Madison and Kindergarten Cop: Three Years Later, with a twist of Summer School.