To the untrained eye, this may look like a perfectly legal parking job, but the eagle-eyed parking enforcement agents at the Staten Island Mall know better. One of them slapped a $45 ticket onto the windshield of 63-year-old Kenneth Seymour's Hyundai last month, because the car's wheels were touching the blue line. But Seymour, a disabled Vietnam veteran, knows a thing or two about when things are over the line, so he went and fought for his basic freedoms against an arbitrator at the Staten Island Business Center. Unfortunately, NYC parking regulations aren't like 'Nam, there are rules.

Seymour showed the arbitrator a photo he took of his parking job, which shows both left tires on the inner edge of the blue line, not "beyond marked space" as the ticket claimed. But the arbitrator was unmoved, and according to Seymour, he ruled, "By your own proof, you’re on the line. You’re not in your space." He lost the case, and was forced to pay a reduced fine of $32. "That’s the way it is in Bloombergville," says Seymour, who no doubt thinks the whole world's gone crazy.