2006_6_health_scrub.jpgIt’s hard enough to keep healthy when doctors and hospitals aren’t working against us. The Daily News reported that some of our city’s (and the world’s) best hospitals are reporting alarming infection rates. 11 New York City hospitals have rates that are higher than the state average. New York-Presbyterian, Mt. Sinai, and Bellevue are a few of the notable lucky enough to land on the list. Some of the causes blamed for these unacceptable rates include doctors’ failure to wash hands correctly or often enough and less-than-perfectly-sterile operating conditions. 90,000 people die in this country every year from hospital-acquired, or nosocomial infections. Hospitals in Brooklyn actually had the lowest infection rates where 10 centers even made the “honor roll.” Good to see that the hipsters are getting nothing but the best care.

The full report can be found at www.myHealthFinder.com
. And check out the CDC's tips on handwashing.