Oh, United Nations diplomats with their fancy cars! We know they are awesome at racking up millions in unpaid parking tickets, but did you know that sometimes their drivers leave $100,000 Mercedes Benz S550 sedans double-parked and idling on streets as they duck into bodegas for snacks?

The Post is amused that chauffeur for the senior UN diplomat from the United Arab Emirates would leave such a vehicle as sitting target on Third Avenue and 19th Street while he ran into a Gramercy Park deli for a $1 cup of tea: "In a New York minute, a thief drove off with the sedan, lost control and crashed it." Driver Ghulan Rehmani said, "I was in there for only a minute, and when I came outside it was gone."

Rehmani, a Queens resident, claims the thief "was trying to make a U-turn and didn’t know how to drive. He made a U-turn, jumped the sidewalk and hit the building.” Heads up, car thieves: Learn how to make U-turns.