Diplomatic immunity—it's not just for avoiding paying parking tickets! A man who works for the country of Georgia was arrested for shoplifting hundreds of dollars of items at Century 21, but didn't face prosecution because of immunity. The next obvious question: Does this mean all immunity-protected folks are going to opt for the five-finger discount?!

The Post reports, "Oleg Sharifov, 33... allegedly pulled a price-tag switch on a wallet and swiped other goodies at the store on Cortlandt Street on Sunday... A security guard watched as Sharifov allegedly switched a $34.97 price tag on a wallet with a $10.97 tag. Sharifov then allegedly paid for the wallet at the lesser price, the sources said." But when the State Department confirmed that Sharifov, who is "not technically a diplomat," had immunity, cops "voided the arrest" and he was "released to representatives from the UN Mission to Georgia and the Consulate of Georgia," who simply say that the "incident is under investigation."

Last year, a Qatari diplomat who was smoking on a plane and it sorta caused an international incident.