While drinking a coffee on the subway might be fine-worthy, it seems that eating is okay. The Daily News looks at the watermelon-sized hole in the MTA's rules and regulations that still allows - so far - food consumption on subways and buses by putting reporters in subways with certain foods. The foods that tested the nerves of fellow subway riders and reporters, who had to eat and hold onto a subway pole:
- The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme - "not too odorous and easy to hold and eat with one hand"
- Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger - "ketchup makes for an even sloppier meal"
- Subway Tuna Wrap - "When a soggy tomato soaks through the tortilla wrap and the thin paper wrapper, you have a mini-disaster on your hands"
- Burger King Chicken Tenders/McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - "Inoffensive aromas, but munching-while-riding still drew stares from fellow passengers"

The Transit Authority spokesman Paul Fleurenges says, "I've seen people eating fried fish. Many years ago, I saw people barbecuing. We don't advocate barbecuing." For Gothamist's money, an energy bar is the easiest thing to eat on the subway, even if it's less appealing than an entire McDonald's meal, which seems to be the most popular option.

Are you eating while riding the subway? Or do you just sneak into your grocery bag? Sometimes, when we smell something delicious, we wish that people would share, right before we silently curse them for stinking up the subway. And remember the Vintage Subway Tea Party?

Photograph of straphangers eating watermelon from Tien Mao