news005a.jpgHedge-fund money manager Maria Dominguez took her top off five years ago at one of Diddy's Hamptons bashes, and promptly sued (Diddy, the magazine and photographer) for $3 million when her photo ran in an issue of Vibe alongside the caption "Mermaids gone wild." Dominguez claimed she never thought she'd be photographed at his famous White Party, with Vibe's argument being they didn't need permission to use photos from the newsworthy event. In the end "the judge's fear of a decision to the contrary would have opened up Pandora's Box, being that Manhattan is the media capital of the world," her lawyer told the Daily News. And the "mental strain" the photo caused Dominguez all those years ago? It's probably back now since the image is reappearing in plenty of papers again! At least she had the good sense to wear starfish-shaped pasties that night, and now she'll have the good sense to know cameras might just be present at high profile parties.