Uh oh, what did Diddy do now. The rapper accidentally tossed one of his diamond rings into a crowd while performing for BET's 106 & Park show (filmed on 57th Street), and ended the performance with a frisking of audience members! The Post reports that attendees were treated "like common criminals" once the cameras cut — and they took their grievances to Twitter to kill time, one saying: "Ok diddy lost his ring... and now there frisking all the kids like this is Rikers lite."

Once the hostage situation ended, the $20,000 ring was nowhere to be found. One witness told the paper, "He ain't getting' it back. Someone pocketed that, and they probably took it to the nearest jeweler."

The incident happened when Diddy & Co. were throwing fake hundreds into the crowd, and then mixed in some real cash... which allegedly sent fans into a frenzy (even though it was reportedly just "$25 to $100 in singles"). Following the bling bonanza, the rapper Twote: "The craziest shit just happened to me lol I guess its shittin on me season.. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!! lol life is crazy!"