200710diddy3.jpgIt's been a couple of days since we checked in on rap mogul and late night rabble rouser Sean Combs, who allegedly punched Steven Acevedo this past Sunday at an after hours club in SoHo. Currently The Daily News is reporting that Acevedo's lawyer stated his client doesn't want Combs to go to jail, however there are other reports stating Combs "is naive if he believes he can escape his latest accusations of assault with an out-of-court settlement."

As for Diddy, his lawyer Benjamin Brafman stated "the two men were interested in settling the matter outside the courtroom." He also had to submit photos of his rings for an incident he was involved in earlier this year, also involving someone else's girlfriend.

Acevedo himself may be facing jail time as well, regarding a separate incident. He was in court yesterday facing a misdemeanor charge over a forged police placque in his car window. The placque was discovered by police in SoHo in late August and could land him up to a year in jail. This isn't his first time in court either, previously facing charges of abuse and drug possession. Maybe he and Diddy can share a cell!