Okay, Gothamist has to give it up for the Diddy. P. Diddy's entry is going to bring more attention to the (ING) New York City Marathon that the New York Road Runners Club knows what to do with. We're not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet (Pros: Supporting great causes, showing that running can be for anyone; Cons: Takes attention away from the top runners and turns the event into a media circus), but it's brilliant either way, especially when he's saying things like, "Every child needs quality education and health care to train for the marathon of life," at his press conference. And his run is branded: "Diddy Runs the City," which is so perfect. Check out the official website: diddyrunsthecity.com (be sure to look at the "Host Committee").

As previously reported, MTV is sponsoring P.Diddy, and the other shoe has dropped: MTV is working on a reality show based on Diddy's training. OF COURSE they are. Diddy says he's only been training for three weeks and adds, "It's gonna be a rough one. Probably around the 13th mile, I'll really need your support -- water, Gatorade, whatever." Gothamist thinks there should be Diddy should help the NYRRC with the goodie bags for all the marathoners and make sure there are good refreshments along the way. Anyway, the Post reports that he has been running around Manhattan, but did not specify if it was from club to club.

Marathon training tips from Runner's World.