2005_12_diddy.jpgGothamist had always wondered what it would be like to be hobnob with P. Diddy. You know, watch as his manservant puts his napkin on his lap, waiting to see what Sean John ensemble he'll wear next. (Perhaps we watched too much Making the Band 3 - we have been singing extremely off-key lately.) But now it seems like it's safer that we don't have a Bad Boy lifestyle - last night, at a party the former Puff Daddy had for a posthumous Biggie Smalls album, three people were shot and three other people were stabbed. Yup - the police found three men bleeding at a parking garage across from Club Exit, where the party was being held, and then a 911 call alerted them to the fact that three men were stabbed in the Club Exit's VIP lounge. It's unclear why the shootings occured, though the police did see a car with a bullet hole leaving the scene. And the stabbings seem to be motivated by a partygoer upset that he lost "a flashy bracelet." Ah, "flashy bracelet" - the third reason for club violence, after "Skank ho poured beer on my weave" and "What are you doing with my man/woman?" And P. Diddy was only at the club for fifteen minutes, none of them during the crimes (and neither was Shyne!). All six men are recovering at area hospitals.