Diddy better not drink too much Ciroc lest he wake up next to his fake wife and real life stalker. According to 1010Wins, a 35-year-old woman claiming to be his wife (he's not married) was arrested after she attempted to visit his East Hampton house twice.

She had the wrong address, but Cemelia Green claimed she was the wife of Sean Combs when she was asked by a maintenance worker what she was doing on the property. He called the police, but she fled the scene, only to be nabbed her second time around.

An East Hampton officer told E! News, "It wasn't really his residence... for some reason she had the delusion she was married to him. She went to a house she thought was Combs' and attempted to break in."

She pleaded not guilty to criminal mischief and trespassing and is currently out on bail. Next stop: Madame Tussauds?