A mysterious banging noise reportedly woke up a number of Staten Islanders (and, according to my roommate and several Gothamist staffers, Brooklynites) early this morning, and before you all start asking me if "they have thunderstorms where [I'm] from," see evidence below:

And here:

And this guy (turn your volume up):

Turns out all the weird banging was thanks to escaping steam coming out of a steam valve at Cogen Technologies in Linden, N.J., which is probably why it sounded like a jacked up version of your overworked radiator.

Mystery solved! AGAIN? Last night's weird noise was eerily similar to one captured from Staten Island in 2013, which also happened at 3:30 a.m. The man wielding the camera in the below video says the noise sounded like it was a gas leak coming from an oil refinery in nearby Linden, New Jersey:

Logic would reason that 2013's weird banging was also a steam situation, and not a gas leak, as the YouTuber presumed. Of course, it could also be a meteor, or the Cloverfield Monster, or those War of the Worlds aliens. No need to panic!