The World Wildlife Fund issued a new statement today regarding the video and advertisement linked to their organization that contained messages and images related to September 11th. The organization originally said the ad concept was rejected when brought to them by DDB Brazil, but was it authorized on some level? Their statement reads:

“WWF reiterates our strong condemnation and repudiation of this offensive and tasteless ad and reaffirms that no one in the US organization had any knowledge or any role in the ad’s creation and expresses its regret for any pain it may have caused 9-11 victims and their families.

Earlier this week, WWF-US issued a statement based on information provided by WWF Brazil, a separate and independent organization within the international WWF network, that the ad was created by an outside agency and was not authorized by anyone within their organization. WWF Brazil has subsequently issued statements that have raised doubts about whether the ad concept was approved at some level within the WWF Brazil organization.

We have now re-launched a renewed inquiry into the circumstance surrounding the creation of the ad."

They offer their apologies and condemn the ad once again, and undoubtedly this new statement comes after a disturbing video version of the print ad was discovered.