Fall foliage

is pretty much to subways what Canadian geese are to airplanes...allegedly. According to the NY Times, transit officials have plastered at least 500 signs along three subway lines recently regarding the falling leaves, which are crushed by trains and create a “slippery residue.”

That residue “may affect the train’s ability to start and stop," and now riders of the B and Q lines, as well as the Franklin Avenue shuttle in Brooklyn, are being told to expect delays and allow for extra time when riding the rails. However, one Q train rider questioned the signs, saying “Because of leaves? That’s new. There aren’t that many leaves.”

James E. Leopard, the general manager for the affected lines, told the paper "he estimated that the leaves would add some two minutes of travel time to the typical journeys." And NYC Transit's Charles F. Seaton said the leaves also caused delays on the 5 line in the Bronx, the A line in Queens, and the L and N lines in Brooklyn.