The co-owner of a big newish ping pong club on 23rd Street has been having an affair with Susan Sarandon, sources told Page Six and Gawker several weeks ago. As you may know, a publicist for Sarandon announced yesterday that Sarandon "and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins, have announced that they separated over the summer." Sarandon is a financial backer in ping pong club SPiN New York, and rumor has it that 31-year-old co-owner Jonathan Bricklin is her lover.

Bricklin denies it, but Gawker publisher Nick Denton finds it curious that Bricklin also told the website he'll talk "if anything changes." Also odd is how public Sarandon has been about her association with Bricklin, whom she met at the Naked Ping Pong parties he used to hold at his Tribeca loft. Denton says, "You'd have thought she'd have shown more discretion if they were truly having an affair. Unless the actress just couldn't contain herself." Well, she does love ping pong, and Bricklin is semi-pro. Also, being three decades younger can't hurt.

Tim Robbins has yet to comment, but we don't imagine reporters are beating a path to his door since he famously told Washington Post columnist Lloyd Grove, "If you ever write about my family again, I will [expletive]-ing find you and I will [expletive]-ing hurt you." But if any of this is true, it certainly adds a new dimension to Sarandon's Saturday Night Live cameo in "Motherlover." Watch below: