While the death of Michael Jackson has captured the attention of fans around the world, New Yorkers have found their curiosities wandering upward this weekend to take in the dazzling skies that have felt like a culmination of an unusual month of weather. So it almost seems inevitable that one outlet found a way to capitalize on combining the two stories—My Fox NY thinks that they might see The Gloved One in one of those magical mammatus cloud formations from Friday night.

Here's one of a series of images sent into them from a viewer on the Upper West Side who spotted "a cloud formation coalescing into Michael Jackson's profile—or maybe not." And the local news network isn't alone in their vision—56% of My Fox NY readers surveyed said they could see him in the clouds. They suggest that "perhaps Michael was trying to catch a glimpse at the scores of people gathered at the Apollo Theater in nearby Harlem." What better way than to spend your first day in the afterlife really than quickly checking to see how Reverend Al will eulogize you?

If that heavenly image of the King of Pop isn't transcendent enough of a moment for you, after the jump is Michael's "Will You Be There?" accompanying scenes from the 1995 inspirational flick Free Willy.

In case this got you jonesing for the original video of Michael and Willy crossfading, you can find it here.