Kirsten Dunst's purse was stolen from her suite at the SoHo Grand Hotel... remember that? It was back in 2007, yet like a movie franchise that keeps churning out sequels, the drama continues today. Three years later, we've seen one of the thieves—Jarrod Beinerman—sentenced to four years behind bars, and another—Jim Jimenez—fight for his freedom.

Currently Jimenez (who the NY Post dubs a "dim-witted car mechanic"—stay classy, Post) is undergoing a retrial (he was acquitted last October), and yesterday his lawyer, Robert Parker, claimed his client was only in the hotel room tagging along with Beinerman, who may have been bringing America's sweetheart some drugs (not our Kiki!). According to the Daily News Parker claimed "Beinerman is a major New York drug dealer," but was immediately barred from bringing up his sordid history. He says to get in to her penthouse they would have had to pass through many security guards, noting the only way to get in would have been if they were invited.

Today Dunst's assistant, Lita Baruch, is expected to testify about the pot that was found in the stolen Balenciaga bag. And as for Dunst, the starlet wasn't on hand to defend herself, but will take the stand next week—where she'll likely seduce the courtroom once again.