2006_06_victorhan.jpgSpeculation continues in the suicide death of Hejin Han and whether or not her husband Victor tried to help her. The Post reports that while Han claims he tried to save his family ("I broke the window with a rock and unlocked the door") but police say Han let the car roll down between boulders and down a cliff at Bear Mountain. Han also told the police that his wife was "obsessed about financial bills already paid and kept asking him to stop along the ride up the mountain," which is when he got an "uneasy feeling," according to The Journal News. A friend says that Hejin Han seemed to be depressed lately, and apparently had an argument with her husband prior to the Bear Mountain outing.

And a neighbor of Victor Han's mistress Tiana Yin says she's seen Han at Yin's house repeatedly. The last time Alisa Kravets saw him, the two seemed to have a fight: "One night they were sitting out front in his red Mustang. They were out there for 15 or 20 minutes. I first thought they must have been making out, but it really must have been an argument because when she got out, she slammed his car door." What all this other information adds up to doesn't change the fact that this is a tragedy, and maybe it'll shed some light on Hejin Han's mental state, as everyone wants to understand simply how this could happen, namely with 3 and 5 year old little girls in the back of a minivan. At any rate, some legal experts doubt that the "promoting suicide" charge will stick.