On Wednesday night, a three-alarm fire tore through a two-family home in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, killing an 8-year-old boy and leaving his five siblings injured. While it was initially suspected the fire may have been started by holiday candles, now the focus is on a hot plate. The Daily News reports, "Fire marshals were exploring whether a hot plate - left plugged in to warm food during the holiday - sparked the three-alarm blaze, sources said."

When the fire started, the Krasny children were inside the third-floor apartment and their parents and other adults were outside in a tent, about to have Simchat dinner. Their father ran and pulled each of his children from the fire one by one, except for 8-year-old Avigdor. The boy was trapped in a bedroom and firefighters tried to reach him by cutting through the burglar bars on the windows.

The Fire Department is also investigating whether the building was illegally occupied: "The building on Avenue P is zoned to be a two-family home, but the number of mattresses strewn about the floor raised questions about the number of people living there. Neighbors said at least three families lived in the building. In 2008, the building's owner - Rosenbaum Heshel, who lives on the first floor - was issued a violation for illegal occupancy, according to a Buildings Department official."