Yesterday, the Post ran a cover story suggesting that Governor Paterson bitterly criticized Mayor Bloomberg. Not to Bloomberg's face or anything, but a source provided the Post's Albany bureau chief Fred Dicker with alleged Paterson quotes like "He has the same kind of anger that reminds you of Spitzer" and "It's obvious that Bloomberg has little use for the kind of people who come from Queens and Staten Island."

But in an afternoon press conference, Paterson denied making the remarks, characterized his relationship with Bloomberg as respectful and friendly (if full of disagreements about issues), and refused to demand a retraction, since the article was just based on sources.

Therefore, today the Post has a huge graphic, complete with "BS-o-meter," that accompanies a an article where Fred Dicker stands by his original story--"[Paterson's] denials were made all the more ridiculous by the fact that only a few people know the source for the story - and Paterson is one of them"--and points out "You demand a retraction if you know a story is false, that's why. The governor didn't demand one because he knows the source."

For his part, Mayor Bloomberg says he doesn't believe Paterson said those things.