Details about the death of NYU junior Broderick Hehman continue to emerge. Today's news that Hehman was targetted by a group of teenagers for his cellphone; Hehman was walking in Harlem, headed to a friend's house, when he was chased by four teenagers. Hehman then died after sustaining injuries when he ran into a car to avoid the kids. The two thirteen year old suspects claim that their two fifteen year old cohorts never give them any of the goods when they rob people; the four suspects were arraigned yesterday. Police sources say that "teen wolf packs" are becoming more common in Harlem, what with the neighborhood's gentrification with gadget-owning people.

There's still debate as to whether or not Hehman's death could be a hate crime, but Reverend Al Sharpton weighed in: "The murder of the young man in Harlem was wrong, reprehensible and must be deplored by all. If in fact racial language was used, this also must be denounced by the entire civil rights community."
Photograph from photo.bwong.net