A former opponent of Pedro Espada Jr. is accusing the Bronxchester Senator of playing dirty on the campaign trail, even after the campaign was over. Waaaaait, someone is accusing Pedro of dirty tricks?? Next you'll be telling us the prospect of an Islamic community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan is the cause of mass controversy!

Last week, lawyer Dan Padernacht dropped out of the Senate race with Espada and Gustavo Rivera, and placed his support behind Rivera as to not split the anti-Espada vote. But someone sent out literature promoting his defunct campaign days after he bowed out, and Padernacht believes that someone is Espada. "I'm personally disgusted that someone would send these mailers out in my name," Padernacht told the Post.

Because he dropped out so late in the race, Padernacht's name will still appear on the ballot, and he believes the literature was meant to confuse voters into voting for him and weakening Rivera. The fliers, which contained biographical errors, were postmarked Sept. 7th, three days after Padernacht ended his candidacy and the same day he endorsed Rivera. "There's only one candidate who would have the incentive to send this stuff: Pedro Espada," said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, a Rivera backer. Dan Levitan, a Working Families Party spokesman, told Riverdale Press he agreed: “It’s definitely from Espada. I mean, it’s got the same font as Espada’s fliers.”

This time, Espada's shenanigans might get him in some real trouble...with the Postmaster General: "I've contacted the FBI, the postal inspectors and the New York State Board of Elections to make them aware of the situation," said Padernacht.