A member of the Occupy Wall Street press team says police in Grand Central Terminal arrested at least one protester for shouting with the "people's mic," the movement's patented call-and-response method for amplifying a speaker's words without a megaphone. Tweeting from Grand Central, Jeff Smith says, "I heard the NYPD say 'if she does it one more time [mic checks] go get her.' Arrest happened seconds later. No warning." Jeez, we didn't realize being annoying was illegal! Here's video of one protester getting dragged out:

Smith also believes that Grand Central train announcements were blasted loudly and continuously for ten minutes to drown out the demonstrators. Thanks for ruining the "special treat," jerks! Here's a Sound Cloud audio recording of the scene. And reporter Allison Kilkenny says she "overheard officer telling #ows protester to put his sign away as signs are not allowed."

A few protesters have been taken into police custody (we'll have a more exact count later), but don't let this sort of thing trouble you—"nondenominational Christian and FoxNews.com freelance columnist" Dan Gainor has been Tweeting up a storm about the demonstration, and as he sees it these punks are getting what they deserve. Sample Tweet: "#OWS morons now want to disrupt Grand Central Station for latest whining. #Peppersprayplease." And in response to one followers request that he take a "chill pill," Gainor says, "No, whole movement is based on privilege. They think THEIR protest is more important than all of us and our rights." Out of my way, BUM, I've got to make the 5:38 back to Ossining! Go protest in an empty lot somewhere where no one has to hear about the issues you're calling attention to!