More than 400 cops are being investigated in a massive ticket-fixing scheme probe, but there could be even larger consequences than just a series of disciplinary charges. Prosecutors and police are nervous that once the names of the disciplined officers are revealed, it could jeopardize tons of criminal cases, casting shadows on officers' credibility. And already, one Bronx prosecutor has seen her reputation seriously called into question.

Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano is facing drunk driving and related charges from a crash with two other cars on the Major Deegan Expressway last summer. But in the course of that case, it was revealed that Troiano had been stopped in 2009, and was suspected to have been driving drunk—but police didn't charge her. And it now seems that she identified herself as an assistant district attorney to get out of a potential DWI arrest.

“At the time of her arrest, investigators had reason to believe that she had previously been pulled over in the Bronx for suspicion of D.W.I., but had not been formally charged because of her connection to the district attorney’s office,” a law enforcement official told the Times. According to the Post, she had been taken to the same precinct as her courtroom, and a source told them that, "Somebody was called on her be half, and it went away." No arrest number or other paperwork was generated from the incident.

During the latest incident from this past summer, Troiano allegedly slurred to the arresting officer, "No foul, no foul—I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not even supposed to be driving." The officers noted that she reeked of alcohol and was wandering into traffic, "stumbling and falling down and unable to keep her balance." She was charged with DWI and reckless driving, but refused to take a Breathalyzer test, prompting the suspension of her license.