The past few days, Jewish parents have been worried about reports that a rabbi may have given babies herpes during circumcisions. Three baby boys have been infected, and one died, causing the City's health department to look into the matter. Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, a mohel based in Rockland County, uses an ultra-Orthodox practice "metzizah bi peh," which means he uses his mouth to "draw blood from the circumsion wound to remove impurities." Oy vey. The Daily News reports that the city filed a legal complaint with the Manhattan Supreme Court: The city had asked Fischer to give blood last fall, as well as use a sterile tube and gloves, but the rabbi wasn't following the orders. Rabbi Fischer's lawyer said that Fischer is "internationally known" as a "caring, skilled and conscientious mohel," and suggested that the babies caught herpes somewhere else. This has Law & Order written all over it; but Law & Order: SVU covered creepy circumcision stuff a few weeks ago.

There was a Seinfeld episode about a circumcision: Season 5's The Bris.