A tipster, who asked to remain anonymous, sent us the above photo with the following context:

Attached is a picture of what appears to be four plainclothes cops at Peter Pan Donuts from this morning. You can see the bulletproof vest on the one second from left and the gun on the hip of the one third from left. My friend that took the picture earlier this morning and said all four also had walkie talkies. Note the jersey worn by the first guy.

Ray Rice was a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. His contract was terminated yesterday after video emerged of him punching his then-fiance, now wife, in the elevator of an Atlantic City hotel. Today he is arguably one of the most widely reviled men in America.

We can only assume that the man seen here proudly wearing his Ray Rice jersey is going deep undercover to break up a ring of violent wife-beaters. Hopefully we don't blow his cover!