Our new lieutenant governor does not know what Twitter is and has a playful sense of swearing. Richard Ravitch wasted no time in spinning out the "I don't give a shit" charm that makes him so appealing to many New Yorkers, telling reporters, "I know that my golf game is going to go to hell in a basket."

Just when it appeared that Ravitch's appointment had been stopped dead in its tracks, yesterday the state's highest court, filled primarily with Pataki appointees, overturned an earlier ruling and allowed him to stay. Ravitch immediately was questioned about the political cold war his new boss has found himself in with President Obama. The lieutenant gov said, "I was a little mystified by what happened the last two days, but in politics today’s news is tomorrow’s fish wrapper."

Ravitch is hoping to use all of the attention given to his becoming the state's first-ever appointed lieutenant governor to make the position more than just a vanity role. He says he would like to get his hands dirty helping balance the state's budget and spared no sacred cows out of the gate, immediately saying that health care and education spending were fair game for cuts. But don't expect him to pull deals with state senators via @replies. He told reporters before trailing off, “Somebody sent me three messages saying, ‘Please come on Twitter.’ I don’t know what the hell ...”