dicaprio.jpgActor Leonardo DiCaprio recently purchased a unit at the David Rockwell-designed Riverhouse building in Battery Park City. The building is designed to be ecologically friendly while still luxurious. Details about the film star's specific residence weren't disclosed, but the Riverhouse has 264 units, including three bedroom duplexes that are still available.

DiCaprio is well known for his eco-consciousness and speaks out on pro-environmental issues frequently. Riverhouse has its own water treatment and air filtration systems, along with solar panels, and low-emission paint, so people can live extravagantly with a clean conscience. The building will also house a branch of the New York Public Library, a City Bakery, a dog spa, a 50 foot lap pool, an eco-lounge for the kids, and all sorts of other amenities, like a hybrid vehicle limousine service.

Photo of DiCaprio by AP/Tungstar