Grim LeRogue wasn't only motivated by his chivalrous love of Cameron Diaz to run onto the field of Monday night's Yankees/Rangers game—he also just plain hated A-Rod. His ex-super told the News that LeRogue had scrawled anti-Alex Rodriguez screeds on the walls of his old apartment beside giant pictures of the Yankees star, one of which read, "I want to beat his ass." Take a number pal.

LeRogue, originally named John (or Joe) Rogan, also had pictures of Osama Bin Laden and naked girls lining his walls. "It looked like he was a little bit crazy," super Benny Ramirez said understatedly. He will be arraigned at his bedside at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx on Thursday. According to friend Jennifer Brodala, LeRogue might have made his dash onto the field to try to strum up publicity for a 9/11 conspiracy book he wrote (yesterday it was reported that it was a 700 page novel about "a ninja or something").

But his undying affection for Cameron Diaz remains paramount: "We started talking about Kate Hudson, and he said Cameron Diaz is better because she's more of a guy's girl. He said, 'She'll sit in the bar and have a beer with you. She'll play football with the guys.'" said Brodala, describing LeRogue confusing Diaz with her character from the 1998 Jonathan Richman comedy "There's Something About Mary." (And Diaz might not even be dating A-Rod!) But just as so many push pins into their A-Rod voodoo dolls, there are plenty of passionate Diaz superfans out there. But it's like the age-old adage: if you act in a movie where you put splooge in your hair, you're gonna get weirdos pursuing you.