There's a growing chorus of lawmakers saying that State Senator Hiram Monserrate should step down, now that he's been convicted of a misdemeanor for slashing his girlfriend in the face with a broken glass, but one of Monserrate's Senate colleagues is standing by him. In fact, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. said that these demands are "racist."

MyFoxNY spoke to Diaz (the Bronx lawmaker also made his daily phone call to Monserrate with the cameras rolling), who pointed out that Senators Schumer and Gillibrand—who want Monserrate to resign—are white and therefore, "It's a racist thing." Then Diaz Sr. said, "He was found guilty of trying to do good." The reporter said, "He was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend." Diaz Sr: "Trying to do good." Reporter: "That's trying to do good? Some people would call that domestic violence." Diaz Sr.: "I don't disagree. He was found guilty. But he was forcing his girlfriend to go the hospital."

Well, for what it's worth, State Senator Diaz Sr., State Senator Bill Perkins—who is black—has asked for Monserrate to step down, "The courts have ruled that Mr. Monserrate is guilty of a violent crime against a woman. Domestic violence is far too prevelant(sic) in our society and must not be tolerated or treated lightly."