Throughout the aftermath of the Taconic crash that killed eight, one major party has remained silent—Warren and Jackie Hance, parents of the three girls who died inside the car driven by their aunt, Diane Schuler. And while the couple remains mum to the media, their actions are beginning to do the talking for them, with word that they have reached out to the Bastardi family to meet and exchange condolences. A lawyer for the Hances has also revealed that the couple plan to give any money from a memorial fund for their daughters over to the Bastardis. The Post is even going so far as publishing speculation from the Bastardis' lawyer that "[the Hance family lawyer] told me they would prefer not to be in touch with or connected to the Schuler family" and were particularly upset with bloviating, publicity-hungry lawyer Dominic Barbara, who was hired by Daniel Schuler and quickly launched a public defense following Diane Schuler's toxicology results. Meanwhile police continue to nail down a timeline of the fateful drive, now revealing that video of Diane Schuler at a McDonald's at 10:30 a.m. showed her "acting normally" two hours before her disoriented call to her brother.