2006_10_diamonds.jpgWhat's the use of locks on cabinets when a robber can just get a salesperson to open the cabinet containing millions of dollars worth of jewelry for you? Two men managed to steal a $900,000 bracelet from Saks Fifth Avenue last Saturday - right under the salesman's nose. Well, more like over the salesman's head: The post has video of the theft and you can see the salesman opening up a tall cabinet, ostensibly to show the robber-posing-as-customer something on a lower shelf. The robber just reaches over the salesman and plucked the bracelet (which had "one dozen square-shaped, canary-yellow diamonds running along the center of bracelet, with four smaller diamonds set off from each of the larger stones") off a higher shelf and puts it into his pocket! We wonder how long it took Saks people to realize the bracelet was gone. The cops are investigating the crime.