A Fifth Avenue diamond dealer was robbed of $4-10 million worth of diamonds by men posing as FedEx delivery men. And they weren't even wearing uniforms - they were just wearing FedEx t-shirts! Around noon, the two men were able to enter 580 Fifth Avenue in plain clothes, but then on the sixth floor, they changed into their "FedEx gear" and told Doppelt & Greenwald Diamonds the operation needed to open the door for them because the package was too large. And plus, they needed a signature. Then the robbers handcuffed the employees and customers and swiped the gems. We hear the dealers were usually try to keep big thefts quiet, because it's bad publicity when your business is robbed, but we suppose they got over that, as a police SWAT team was called in. And the cops did check FedEx trucks in the area.

And NYC Metblogger John-Boy was locked in 580 Fifth after the robbery - here's his account.

Photograph from reader Ilya (click the photo to see a bigger image)