Today's opening up with even more updates on Wednesday's heist in the Diamond District, with the Post reporting that the robbed watch shop's owner let a rival jeweler take the fall for a car crash. Hence, a revenge "robbery"! Things are wild in the luxury watch world.

"Sources" told the Post that Watch Standard Jeweler owner Daniel Mikhaylov was responsible for a car crash some time ago, but put the blame on a younger man whose family is also in the jewelry business. That man then lost his license, and another family member wanted Mikhaylov to pony up $20,000 in exchange. And when he refused, according to the tabloid, the jewelers sent over some thieves to put Mikhaylov on edge.

The Post's sources say the suspects weren't actually supposed to steal anything from Mikhaylov, but they ended up walking out with $500,000 in watches and $6,000 in cash—initially, Mikhaylov claimed $2 million in merchandise had been stolen.

Meanwhile, DNAinfo reports that police have identified a potential suspect, though they have not released his name. The two suspects were captured on surveillance video both before and after the heist.