An elderly Manhattan diamond merchant with business and health problems shot and killed his 78-year-old wife in their bed yesterday, and then fatally shot himself in the chest, according to investigators. Police found the couple in their Fresh Meadows home after co-workers at Green Bros. Jewelers reported that Morris Green, 76, hadn't showed up at his Fifth Avenue office. The jeweler's business had been hit hard by the economic downturn, and he faced crushing medical bills after a recent heart surgery. But at least one person who knew Green refused to believe it was suicide.

A maintenance man in the jeweler's building told the Post, "No! There was no way he could ever be involved with something like that. He’s a wonderful man. Always joking and always laughing." But another associate says, "Money was running out." Autopsies will be performed to confirm the murder-suicide determination, but investigators are not searching for any suspects, the Daily News reports. Police believe Green used his licensed .38 caliber handgun to kill Charlotte, his wife of more than thirty years, before ending his own life.