A diabetic woman claims a city employee clawed her eyes and face, bit her, and infected her with Hepatitis B in an elevator in Lower Manhattan last year, but was arrested and denied medical attention, according to a lawsuit.

Newsweek reports that on May 16th, 2014, victim Nancy Wong went to the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) office in Lower Manhattan to visit her husband, who was an employee there at the time. There, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan earlier this month, she rode an elevator with NYSIF employee Ying Hong Wang.

Wong and Wang reportedly got into a verbal dispute. Wang then allegedly attacked Wong by "clawing at plaintiff's eyes with her fingernails and ripping plaintiff's cornea; biting plaintiffs finger—ultimately, causing plaintiff's nail to separate from her finger; biting plaintiff about her body-causing plaintiff to become infected with Hepatitis B; scratching plaintiff's eyes, face, neck, arms, and ear-causing plaintiff's face, ear, eyes and body to bleed; shoved, pushed, and pulled plaintiff and yanked at plaintiff's hair," according to the lawsuit.

But when police officers arrived, Wang allegedly told them Wong instigated the attack, and Wong was arrested. The lawsuit claims NYPD officers did not look at video footage from the elevator in order to corroborate the victim's story, nor did they take Wong's extensive injuries into account. They also allegedly refused to give Wong necessary medication for her Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and denied her food and water. When Wong's husband insisted police officers tend to his wife, they reportedly told him Wong "was not permitted to take her medication."

Luckily, Wong was transported to Bellevue Hospital once she arrived at Central Booking, though she says she's still suffered residual eye injury thanks to the attack. She was charged with assault, attempted assault and harassment, but the charges have since been dismissed. The suit seeks $120,300,000 in damages and names Wang, the arresting NYPD officers, the city, and a number of higher-ups at the NYSIF, who Wong claims illegally fired her husband after the attack.

The NYSIF and City Law Department were unable to comment on the pending legislation.