2008_09_motorman.jpgA man who had stumbled onto the subway tracks yesterday came within inches of his life but was saved by the sharp eyes and quick instincts of a motorman who pulled the brakes just before his approaching V train struck the man. William Meyer was in Penn Station to catch a Long Island Rail Road train home when he went into diabetic shock and wandered into the subway instead. From there, he began having seizures and stumbled onto the tracks at 32nd Street and 6th Ave. Motorman Eugene Hart thought that Meyer may have already been underneath the train by the time he was able to bring it to a complete stop. Luckily by that point, Meyer had been helped back to the station by an MTA work crew. "I've had problems before, but I never ended up in the subway, on the tracks or falling down," said Meyer, who three years ago was ticketed by police who thought he was drunk during a seizure.