The NY Times looks at how DeWitt-Clinton High School students walked out and got a sit-down with school officials. And no, it doesn't seem like the walk-out was an excuse to cut because there was a chemistry pop quiz. The students were upset that, being one of the more dangerous schools in the city, they wouldn't be allowed to leave the school during lunch hour, because putting them through the metal detectors was too time consuming. So students circulatd petitions during lunch time and online at Sconex to rally support for a Monday morning walkout. But what probably helped most were the long lines, due to the metal detectors and X-ray machines (think the airport on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving) to even enter the school - for some reason, only two of four metal detectors was used (again, just like at the airport). The Department of Education listened to student demands, including removing security cameras (not gonna happen) and the cellphone ban (can't kids just go back to passing notes?). Gothamist expects students will soon learn that the Department of Education is very good at listening but maybe not so good at doing.

And the next up for a possible walkout: The teachers, who are thinking about striking since they've been without contract for two years.

Photograph from the NY Times