A die-hard Mets season ticket holder shared his thoughts on yesterday's home opener, which saw the Mets with a perfect record of 1-0, with us to dispel—or confirm—some rumors.

On field:

  • Johan Santana & the new bullpen looked great, and even if the Mets had lost, this would have been a good day on the balance as a result.
  • It is great to see David Wright pumped up again
  • Lucas Duda is awesome. When I was a kid, this is what I wanted Right Fielders to look like.
  • The Torrez era is over before it began. I'd like the mets to pick up someone like Justin Maxwell and just cut Torrez.
  • Jason Bay hit a ball to the new (drawn-in) fences, and still fell short. I think that's about as far as he can hit it. They should cut him and pick up Johnny Damon.

Around the field:

  • The tribute to Gary Carter was perfect.
  • The crowd was certainly the largest ever at Citi—it was so crowded it was difficult to move around, the lines were all prohibitively long, and many food stands ran out of food. The garbage cans were overflowing. The Mets simply weren't prepared for this size crowd.
  • There were a few people jeering the Mets (even David Wright), but the crowd was mostly positive.

Off the field:

  • Ownership has seemed to stop talking to the press, leaving Sandy Alderson (on Twitter) and Paul DePodesta to interact with fans. This is how it should be.
  • Much has been made of the steps the ticket office has taken to get butts in the seats (free seats for tweets, etc.) As a season ticket holder, this is fine with me—we're getting a lot of free ticket & upgrade offers. As long as the team takes care of its most loyal fans first, they can do whatever they want to fill up the stadium. Despite the hiccups, it is more fun when it is full.