Devo co-founder Jerry Casale got married last week on September 11th, and for some reason the happy couple decided it was a fantastic idea to make the deadliest terrorist attack in American history their wedding theme. Festive! We're guessing they registered for this 9/11 cheese plate too.

Someone sent TMZ photos and details about Casale and Krista Napp's event:

Jerry Casale -- Devo's singer and bassist -- married Krista Napp on Friday at Michael's Restaurant in Santa Monica. Of course, Friday marked the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attacks ... a fact the bride and groom made sure their guests would never forget.
Fact 1: Their cake was the World Trade Center, with their images on top of each tower.
Fact 2: Guests got real box cutters as party favors.
Fact 3: Their table setting cards had an image of a "Gerald & Krista" engraved box cutter.


TMZ adds, "it seems outrageous and offensive to make the murder of 2,977 people the centerpiece of your wedding -- we're told Jerry and Krista's friends weren't the least bit fazed because they both have a dark and strange sense of humor. As one guest put it ... Jerry has 'real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy.'"

Guess Casale couldn't book the Lumberton High School cheerleaders. Oh, well, next marriage!