Brandon Watts has unwittingly become the face of Occupy Wall Street, after bragging about losing his virginity while camping out at Zuccotti Park and then landing on the front page of the Daily News after being beaten and bloodied by cops. The 20-year-old allegedly knocked a hat off a police officer and threw an AAA battery and pen at cops as well and was arrested. And he was apparently bailed out by OWS.

The Daily News reports Watts, who was also charged with resisting arrest and escaping from a police van, "was freed Wednesday after Occupied Wall Street posted $2,750 in bail.... His lawyer, Martin Stolar, said prosecutors offered a plea bargain of 45 days in jail to settle all the misdemeanor cases against him, but he rejected it." Stolar said, "Hopefully, the DA will recognize it’s not a felony for engaging in a boyish prank for allegedly stealing a police officer’s hat," and insisted Watts should not be OWS's mascot, “That would brand all of them as people with psychiatric issues — and that is clearly not the case." Watts has reportedly "living on his own since his early teens, and suffers from emotional problems."