Some of the folks working on the neverending story that is the Moynihan Station (aka the new Penn Station) are starting to publicly complain about the politcal developement hell that it has become. In a letter to State economic czar Charles Gargano developers Steven Roth and Stephen Ross wrote that "the functional heart" of the station "will have its own independent utility... and therefore there is no reason to delay." In otherwords, even if Madison Square Garden does get the go-ahead to move over to Ninth Avenue such a move should have little to do with the actual conversion of the Farley Post Office into a train station.

The letter comes after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is desperate to have his own district (that'd be lower Manhattan) developed before anything else in the city, put off a final vote on the $900 million project at the Public Authorities Control Board. Silver called it "very complicated."

Roth and Ross are now pushing to get final approval for the project by September 30. We really hope they get it too. There is no conceivable reason why a city as great as ours should have to suffer a train station as awful as Penn any longer then is absolutely necessary. Even a politician as special as Silver should be able to understand that!

A rendering of the fourth set of plans for Moynihan Station.